What Are Some Of The Most Common Brake Problems?

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. An accident can very easily occur if your brakes are not working properly. That is why it is imperative that you make sure that they are in good working order. Below are some of the most common brake problems and their possible causes:

Brake Pedal Goes All The Way to the Floor

If the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when you press on it, then this could indicate low brake fluid. It could also indicate that there is air inside of the brake fluid. All it takes is a small hole for air to enter the brake fluid. Purchasing a Brake Hose Retainer SKU-191-611-715 can also help correct this problem.

Brake Pedal Going Down Too Far

If your brake goes down too far when you press on it on, then it could be an indication of one of many problems. It could be a sign of something that is easily corrected, such as low brake fluid. It could also be a sign of contaminated brake fluid. Additionally, the brake pads could be worn out if the brake pedal is going down too low. You will need to get the brakes pads replaced as soon as possible if they are worn out.

Brake Pedals Vibrating

If your brake pedal is vibrating, then you may need to get the brake pads replaced. This could also indicate that your car is out of alignment. Additionally, bad brake discs could cause your brakes to vibrate. Keep in mind that both brake discs should be replaced even if only one is bad.

Dragging Brakes

Your brakes should immediately let go after you take your foot off of the pedal. Your parking brake may not fully be released if the brakes are dragging. This could also be a sign of a bad cylinder wheel.

Brakes Are Squealing or Whining

There are several reasons brakes may make a whining or squealing noise. However, you may need to get your brake pads replaced.

Clunking Sounds

It is not normal to hear clunking sounds coming from your brakes. This could be a sign that something is loose. There are bolts that hold your brakes together. If one of the bolts is loose, then you may hear a clunking sound. A clunking sound may also indicate that one of the suspension components is either worn out or broken.

Brakes Pulling or Grabbing

When you press down on the brakes, they should not pull your car to one side or grab suddenly. If your brakes seem to pull or grab, then this could be a sign that the brake pads are worn out. It could also indicate that the brake disc is bad.

Brakes Are Too Firm


It should not be hard for you to push down your brakes. If stepping on your brake pedal gives you a leg work out, then it is time to investigate the cause. Brake line obstruction and vacuum problems are some of the causes of firm brakes.