Spring Car Checklist

After the harsh winter comes the welcome sight of spring. Sunny days have come back and the improved weather makes it possible for life to return to the normal routine. Things that may have been neglected due to the cold like car maintenance is due for some attention. It's good to check on various parts for signs of damage after working so hard the previous season. This should become a yearly habit to increase the vehicle's longevity.


When it comes to driving, safety should be the number one priority. Thousands of accidents happen every day and nobody wants to be part of the statistics. The brakes are among the most important lines of defense against collisions so they must be in top shape at all times. See if they have been worn out and if the brake fluids are still ample. Replace them if necessary.


The batteries can get beaten up during winter so they definitely need to be checked for damage and corrosion. Test if they can start right away as delays may be a sign of underlying issues. See if the wires are already peeling or have rust marks at the ends. Make sure that there are no cracks or breakage that could lead to discontinuity. Getting new wires is easy and relatively cheap compared to the hassle of having the vehicle towed if it dies out in the middle of the road.


The belts are critical for smooth engine operation. Find out if they are beginning to show signs of wear and tear. If so, then it is time to order new ones. Even if the belts are still looking fine with the naked eye, they might actually have some very small cracks that can worsen over time. The rule of thumb is to replace them every five years for peace of mind. The same holds true for hoses which might become brittle or blistered after prolonged use.


Cars require several different types of fluid to reduce friction and aid several other functions. A thorough check must include the vital transmission fluid, engine oil, and coolant for a comfortable ride. If any of these become contaminated or fall below a critical level, then the vehicle will not be able to work as well as it should.


The wheels will have gone through snow, slick roads, and hidden pot holes during the winter. It's time to see whether their alignment has gone awry because of the punishment. Proper alignment helps ensure safe driving. Look into the suspension system as well to maintain a good degree of comfort.


The air filter is a simple device that does a lot of heavy lifting. Thanks to the filter, the air that comes through the AC is clean and free from unwanted particles. Passengers need not worry about allergies. The cooling system can last longer and will not suffer from clogs. Over time, however, the accumulated dirt becomes too much and the filter will need to be replaced. Don't skimp over this one. Get OEM VW parts as soon as you need them.