Inexpensive Car Accessories

You have a car and you have been driving it for years. Your car still serves the purpose for which you bought it but it can no longer pass for a brand new car. If this sounds familiar, it means that you are a normal car owner like millions of people across the globe. You do not have anything to be ashamed of because people get older and so do the cars they drive. The only problem is that you may not always have the cash to carry out major repairs on your car. Fortunately, you do not have to buy OEM VW parts or any other expensive spare parts for that matter. With some creativity and a few inexpensive accessories, you can make your old car look brand new again.

The first step is to clean your car thoroughly and regularly. A dirty car looks old and battered but a squeaky-clean car can pass for a brand new automobile. Clean your properly car and you will be happy with the result. Another reason to clean your car is that as you do this, you will discover areas that need an upgrade and take action immediately.

One smart way to reduce the "biological age" of your car is to change your seat covers. Instead of replacing the seats, you simply buy new seat covers and fix them yourself. This gives the car a new look and the smell of fresh seat covers also makes your car smell new. You can also give your car a facelift by changing your steering wheel cover. This is a simple but effective move because it gives your car a new look. 

Other things you can do to change the interior of your car include changing your floor mats and replacing them with brand new ones.  While you are at it, you can work on the dashboard as well. Take care of these things and your car will look almost brand new again. 

You cannot concentrate on the interior of your car without doing some work on the exterior of your automobile. Replace your wheel covers with new ones and have them painted in different colors from the previous ones. Replace your headlights and side mirrors and buy brand new tires if you can afford them. You can also change your chrome grille covers or have them painted in different colors. Now, you have done a lot of work on both the inside and the outside of your car but you still need one or two final touches. 

Replace our car's music system because this will give your car a new look as well as a new "voice". Finally, take your car into the computer age by adding GPS and a mobile operating system to your driving experience. To do this, you need a tablet, a USB power cable and a car tablet mount with the right device. Now, your car is internet enabled so it is a different automobile entirely. The best part of the story is that you did not spend a lot cash to achieve all these things.